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Today, Crvena zvezda (english: Crvena zvezda) is a special kind of myth, as the most numerous, most popular and most victorious sports society in the region. Since the very beginning, Crvena zvezda was accompanied by the cult of a big sport family, which grew bigger, more popular and gained itself a whole army of supporters and fans day in and day out, thanks to the remarkable charisma and achievements. It exceeded the limits of sport a long time ago, by becoming one of the three symbols of Serbian identity, alongside Orthodox Church and the Politika daily newspaper.

How was Crvena zvezda born? The idea of its foundation was started by the Belgrade City USAOS Committee. During February 1945, the youngsters who were members of the United Association of Anti-Fascist Youth of Serbia, began preparations for the foundation of a youth sports organization, which would include various sports sections.

Looking back over the six-decade period, Crvena zvezda Sport Society, has gone through five basic periods in its development.

The first period, from the very foundation until 1948, was the period of forming various sports sections as organizational units of the sports organization. It’s also marked by the fusion with the sport group Student on October 12th 1946, which turns Crvena zvezda into Youth and Student Sports Organization. That period is well remembered for massive encounters of youngsters who were workers, students or pupils.

The second period, since 1948 to 1963, was a period in which clubs were formed and then grew independent, breaking thus the ties within the Sports Society, with occasional individual tendencies of some clubs to break away completely and wipe out the Sports Society. That period is also characterized by unresolved sports financing problems.

The third period, since 1963 to 1967 is the period of reaffirmation of the Sports Society, dominated by the idea of making the sports union stronger. There is a tendency to overcome financial difficulties through systematization.

The fourth period, since 1967 to 1992, is a period of further Crvena zvezda family affirmation. The relations between individual clubs and the Sports Society are defined, professionalism steps in and the orientation towards reaching extraordinary sport results is confirmed.

The last, fifth period, since 1992 to present day, will be remembered for functioning difficulties of the clubs and the society due to economic and political instability in the country. Another thing that will also be remembered is the strong will and determination to follow up on European and World Standards and not to abandon the goal to maintain Crvena zvezda a synonym of success, a model for other Clubs, which the Society has fully achieved in the region.

Looking back on Crvena zvezdas' years, starting from the modest beginnings and slowly growing into a sports giant, passing through various periods of difficulties and success, victories and defeats, one can proudly  state that even today the name Crvena zvezda is pronounced with respect and appreciation all over the world.

Besides the football club, the Sport Society also includes the following clubs in its red and white family:

basketball, volleyball, handball, athletics, water-polo, tennis, rowing, archery, fencing, chess, judo, boxing, table tennis, hockey, kick-boxing, swimming, car-racing, cycling, skiing, wrestling, bowling, taekwondo, bridge and weight-lifting.

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