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As the continental Champion Crvena zvezda played the European Super Cup and Toyota Intercontinental Cup. Toyota Cup had been played for decades, on neutral ground, in Japan, but in those days the European Super Cup consisted of two matches.

Unfortunately, due to the war which had already started in Croatia, Crvena zvezda only played one game against Manchester United, at Old Trafford on November 19th. Even though Crvena zvezda had absolutely outplayed old sports friends and Cup of the Cups winner, even though Dejan Savićević had played a brilliant game at the Theater of Dreams, the only goal was scored by Brian McClaire.

Crvena zvezda sought the chance to end the year with another international trophy in Tokyo, where the opponent was, Colo Colo, from Chile, the Champion of South America. The coach of the Chilean team is Mirko Jozić, who led the Yugoslavian junior team to the World Champions title, and Prosinečki was declared world’s best player in his age group. But Robi left the team right after winning the European Champion title, along with Stojanović, Marović, Šabanadžović and Binić. The chance to get his five minutes of glory went to the youngest player on the team, Vladimir Jugović. His two goals and brilliant game all over the field got him a reward- Toyota, which was destined to the best player in the match. The third goal in this grand victory was scored by Darko Pančev, although Crvena zvezda had been playing with a man short from the ending of the first half-time because Savićević had been sent off.

On December 8th 1991 Crvena zvezda accomplished everything a football club can accomplish: they were European and World Champions. Looking back from where we are standing now, it is highly unlikely that any Eastern European club will achieve that in the future. But then again, it didn’t seem so likely ten years before Bari. The story of this famous year doesn’t end here.

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